Measure Cut


MeasureCut Abrasives

We offer a wide range of abrasives available for Industrial and home DIY applications. We have our own manufacturing facility and supply abrasives from leading local and international suppliers.

Cutting & Grinding Discs

  • Standard sizes available for steel, stainless steel & stone applications
  • 115mm, 125mm & 230mm for angle grinder
  • 300mm, 350mm, 400mm and 450mm for cut off saw
  • Diamond blades for brick & cement or marble and tile

Abrasive Belts

  • Supplier and manufacturer of belts of polyester backing with coated aluminium oxide, zirconia or ceramic grain.
  • Specialized polishing belts available in 50mm x 2m and 25 mm x 760mm
  • Manufacturer of specialized polishing belts available in selected grits made to size

Abrasive Discs and Strips

  • Supplier of various backings with abrasive grit
  • Standard size discs 115mm, 125mm, 150mm, 178mm
  • Manufacturer of non-standard sizes in selected grits and backings
  • Available in Aluminium Oxide, Zirconia and Ceramic grain
  • Grits 16 to 2500
  • Backings of paper, cotton, polyester and velcro
  • Various hole patterns or no hole options available
  • Strips manufactured to size from paper, polyester for velcro backing
  • Used with angle grinder or orbital sander or combination belt sander or speed file

Abrasive Sheets

  • Full sheets 230mm wide x 280mm long
  • Half Sheets 230mm wide x 140mm long
  • Available in Wet & Dry sheets, Dry Sheets and Cabinet Paper Sheets
  • Grits from 60 to 2500
  • Various brands on offer

Surface Conditioning & Polishing

  • Various options of buffs to be used in conjunction with compound (polish)
  • Discs for angle grinder
  • Fine paper sheets
  • Fine Velcro backed discs
  • Non-Woven pads and discs

Spindle Mounted Abrasives

  • Various sizes and grits available
  • Used in die grinder or drill
  • Mounted points
  • Spindle mounted flap wheels
  • Spirabands and arbors
  • Polishing points
  • Carbide burrs

Abrasive Rolls

  • Available for various applications: Automotive, Industrial and DIY (home use)
  • Backing of either paper, cotton or polyester
  • Various grits available
  • Velcro and polyester backed sold as 300mm x 1m strips
  • Various widths available on request in 50m rolls
  • Production paper 75mmx50m
  • Emery paper (handy rolls) 50mmx50m
  • Floor sanding rolls 300mmx1m (DIY)
  • Floor sanding rolls 300mmx50m on request

Grinding Wheels

  • Various sizes and types (shapes) available on request
  • Bond and grit dependent on application
  • Also available in diamond variations on request