Measure Cut

marking & measuring equipment

We supply specialised measuring equipment, marking & tracing equipment, gauges and industrial measuring equipment.

Specialised Measuring Equipment

  • Renishaw systems are used in CNC machines to measure the accuracy of parts.
  • IBR systems for offline part accuracy checking
  • 3D vision systems for verification of accurate manufacture

Marking & Tracing Equipment

We supply a wide range of marking and tracing equipment used in manufacturing and distribution. We specialize in the automotive, industrial and FMCG sectors.

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We also maintain, repair and supply the consumables.

Laser marking

Our laser marking systems can be integrated into your existing production line or used as a standalone system, making it easy to mark logos, 2D codes, QR codes, serial or batch numbers on various materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics and more.

Vanadate Laser Marking

The term vanadate laser is usually used for lasers based on neodymium-doped vanadate crystals. These lasers run on a wavelength of 1064nm, which is the same as nd: YAG. Despite this similarity, vanadate lasers are renowned for providing better quality marks due to their small, accurate spot size. With an average diode life of greater than 25,000 working hours and low replacement cost, these lasers offer the user best-in-class reliability, with low ownership costs.

We offer the world’s smallest vanadate laser and a portable solution that allows large parts to be marked without moving them.

Pin stamp

PINSTAMP® technology allows manufacturers to automate the direct part marking (DPM) process, ensuring 100% reliable part traceability. The process uses a tungsten carbide pin to indent the marking surface with text, logos and 2D Data Matrix barcodes.

We offer pneumatic, electromechanical, benchtop, hand-held, and battery-operated models.

Scribing marking systems

Scribe marking, or sometimes referred to as ‘drop and drag’ or scratch marking, is the preferred choice when low noise marking is required. The scribe marking method is an established standard for VIN marking, automotive tags, and other applications where the pin stamping/dot peen marking method’s noise is a concern. It is a proven solution for permanent, low-noise, continuous character marking

Ink marking

Ink marking systems are supplied to industry, food, medical and retail products to comply with safety standards and date marking.

Our inkjet printers print high speed, reliable lot/date, sell-by date and other identifying marks and codes on a wide range of substrates – including plastic, glass, paper and more.

Key Benefits of Continuous Inkjet Printing:

  • Precise marking at very high speed
  • Most affordable and reliable method to print real-time lot/date codes
  • Print on virtually any surface or substrate
  • Non-contact printing
  • A variety of ink types and colours on porous and non-porous products
  • Pinpoint-sharp codes, precise logos, exact text even with the most complex demands
  • Simple integration into existing production lines
  • Line speeds of up to 950m/min with IP65 rating
  • Large full-colour touch screen display


  • Thread Plug Gauges
  • Thread Ring Gauges
  • Step Limit Gauges
  • Wear Check Gauges
  • Vacuum Gauges
  • Oil, gas, pressure gauges

Gauges are manufactured for MeasureCut by Tru-thread Gauges for the engineering and manufacturing sector.  All gauges are supplied with calibration certificates to ISO standards.

Gauges can be manufactured to customer specification.

TRU-THREAD is a market leader in Thread & Plain gauges. The manufacturing setup facilitates us to produce gauges ‘TRUE’ to the specification. The precision of manufactured gauges is checked in their ISO 17025 accredited Calibration Lab.

We are the South African distributor for Tru-Thread. For detail on their products visit: